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Paul Sartarelli

Paul Sartarelli

A note from Paul Sartarelli, pastor and member of the Board

In the very first episode of the Bible we learn that God had a very clear purpose for his people on the earth. The first man and woman were charged to work God’s garden together. From the very beginning humans were called upon by their God to work, thus giving dignity to their labors and divine purpose for their lives.

Historically, the Christian church has embraced the biblical notion of work being a divine calling through the concept of “vocation.” Unfortunately this idea has fallen on hard times recently with the unbiblical secular/sacred division of life and labor.

Today, no one I know better articulates and champions the philosophy of divine purpose and calling for all of life and all who work than Bob Robinson. And no ministry is more clearly focused and prepared to equip churches, train work staffs and teach individuals, assisting them to make work truly a ministry than (re)integrate.

I wholeheartedly encourage your support of this ministry. Few ideas will holistically impact the world for the Kingdom of Christ than those espoused and taught by Bob and the (re)integrate ministry. Thank you for considering supporting this ministry. It will be exciting to see how the Lord uses this ministry and its fresh ideas to impact our world and empower our people for the sake of Christ’s Kingdom.

— Paul Sartarelli

What’s Happening Right Now in the Ministry?

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Becoming a financial partner with (re)integrate is an investment in the Kingdom of God.

Reintegrate, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is active in transforming individuals, churches, communities, and institutions into participants with God in what He wants to do in the world.

What you are supporting with your prayers and financial gifts

Bob Robinson’s ministry is multifaceted and touches the lives of people in different stages of their vocations.

College Students: Bob spends 30 hours per week reaching out to college students and faculty at Kent State Stark, Stark State College, and Malone University. He leads small group Bible studies and larger fellowship gatherings, has one-on-one discipleship meetings, and connects with unchristian students on these campuses every day.

Marketplace Leaders: Bob’s writing is featured at the Patheos Faith and Work Channel at the (re)integrate blog, encouraging people to live out their faith in their various vocations. Bob speaks at retreats and seminars on how God is calling his people to (re)integrate faith, life and vocations in order to participate in God’s mission in the world.

Church Leaders: Bob works with Ohio pastors to help them create a discipleship culture that encourages God’s people to participate in God’s mission through their vocations. He provides consulting, curriculum, and resources to encourage pastors in their work.

Bob depends on people like you to sustain this ministry.

Please prayerfully consider giving to the work of (re)integrate. Your tax-deductible donation will be used for God’s glory.

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Bob Robinson

A note from Bob Robinson, Executive Director

Thank you for considering giving financially to support (re)integrate’s ministry. We are looking for funds to help us reach out to college students, to develop small group Bible studies and Pastor’s Tool Kits, to maintain the (re)integrate website and blog as a means to bless people with the encouragement they need to live for God in their vocations, and to fund further research and application.

To read the current ministry newsletter, detailing all that is going on in the ministry at this time, click here.

I’ve been working on a Doctor of Ministry in Faith, Vocation, and Culture. My research focuses on how churches successfully change their ministry paradigms in order to equip disciples with the ability to live out their faith as a mission in their vocations. I’ve been sharing the fruit of this dissertation on the (re)integrate blog, and it will be developed into a book.

if you have any questions or want to talk, please call me at (330) 806-4901 or submit the form below and I will contact you personally – no strings attached. If you want me to call you, please give me your phone number in the larger box below.