Jubilee – All You Need to Know!


Where to meet, what to pack, what to expect, and more!


Email HeaderDates of the Jubilee Conference:

Friday, Feb. 17 thru Sunday, Feb 19

When and Where to Meet:

Meet at Bob and Linda Robinson’s home on Friday at 1:30 pm.

You can park your car there.

8481 Whitmer Ave. NE, Canton, Ohio 44721 

Get the App!

Search for “Jubilee 2017” and look for the app with the logo of the “j” on a green background.

Jubilee app J

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What to Pack

weston outsideYou will be staying in the luxurious Weston Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh! Your rooms are awaiting you! PACK LIGHT! This is just a short weekend away, no need to pack a whole lot of stuff!

Dress is CASUAL!

A quick list:

  • 1 extra pair of Pants (besides what you’ll wear there)
  • 2 Shirts
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • weston foyerunderwear
  • pajamas
  • exercise clothes for the WestinWorkout studio (optional)
  • swimsuit for pool (optional)
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • deodorant (not optional)
  • shaving supplies
  • brush / comb
  • contact lens supplies
  • haircare products
  • skincare products
  • makeup and makeup remover
  • prescription medications (bring a sufficient supply)
  • cellphone
  • cell phone charger
  • plastic bags for dirty laundry
  • pen or pencil
  • snacks
  • earplugs (so you can’t hear all the noises out in the hall and the snoring of all your roommates…)
  • cash and/or credit card for purchasing food (about $35)
  • cash and/or credit card for purchasing books (about $25)
  • wear a heavy winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves

What to Expect

Who is Going in 2017?

Download this Excel Spreadsheet with everyone’s phone and email.


There are four students per room (two queen beds are shared). We will be together during room assignments, so we will be rooming together.

Bert, Tim, and Brendan are arriving late, so we will register for them and also get their room assignment. 


Bob provides breakfast foods (bagels, donuts, oatmeal bars, fruit, yogurt, peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese, juice, and milk)

Lunches and dinners are your responsibility (dinner Friday and Saturday, Lunch Saturday and Sunday). We will eat together most of those meals.

Itinerary for the weekend:

 Meet and depart from Robinsons

4:00 Arrive in Pittsburgh and park in the Grant Street Transportation Center

4:30 Check-In Registration

4:45 Room Assignments (there are four per room, so if we have less than that for guys or gals, we will share a room with some new friends from other schools!)

5 :15 Leave for Dinner (youare responsible for the cost of this meal)instagram

(We need to get into the Conference by 7:00!)

7:00 Find Seats in the Convention Center for the “Gathering A”

7:30 Gathering A – “Creation”

10:00 Late Night Options – “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” Salsa Dancing, Trivia)


8:00 Meet for breakfast (supplied by Bob)

9:00 Workshop 1 – Choose from many options. Workshops will be located both in the Convention Center and in the Westin Hotel.

10:00 Meet in Convention Center main hall for Gathering B

10:15 Gathering B – “Fall”

12:30 Lunch (You are responsible for the cost of this meal)twitter

2:30 Workshop 2

4:00 Workshop 3

5:30 Meet for dinner in the hotel – Pizza!

7:30 Gathering C – “Redemption”

10:00 Late Night Optionsfacebook-


8:00 Meet for breakfast (supplied by Bob)

9:00 Workshop 4

10:00 Meet in Convention Center main hall for Gathering D

10:15 Gathering D – Restoration

1:30 Conference finishes

1:45 Get bags from room and head homeyoutube

2:00 Stop for Lunch

5:00 Arrive back at Robinson home

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For more information about the Jubilee Conference, go to www.jubileeconference.com