for professionals and small groups

It can be intimidating and frustrating.

How can a Christian professional attempt to navigate the demands of the workplace in such a way that honors God?

How can my career be a means by which I can participate in God’s mission in the world?

Is there more to work than making a paycheck, climbing the corporate ladder, and finding my worth in promotions and accolades?

Can my job be a calling? What does God want to do in and through me through my work?

Where can I get encouragement and advice?

Are there others out there like me that I can connect with over social media and maybe even meet with regularly that can help me live the way I believe Christ wants me to live?

(re)integrate can help.

We have several options that will give you what you need.

 Reintegration Coach

Facebook Cohort Groups

Local Small Groups

Bible Studies

Leadership Training

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