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Reintegrate helps churches with creating missionally-oriented disciples who have reintegrated the Christian faith with all of life and vocations.

Alan Hirsch
“[The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)] requires that we see that Jesus’s strategy is to get a whole lot of versions of him infiltrating every nook and cranny of society by reproducing himself in and through his people in every place throughout the world.”
-Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways
David Miller
“Whether conscious or unintentional, the pulpit all too frequently sends the signal that work in the church matters but work in the world does not. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that workers, business- people, and other professionals often feel unsupported by the Sunday church in their Monday marketplace vocations.”
-David Miller, God at Work
Tim Keller
“When Christians do ‘secular’ work, they function as salt and light in the world. Farming and business, childcare and law, medicine and music—all these forms of work cultivate, care for, and sustain the created world that God made and loves. We are all ministers (priests) to the human community on God’s behalf.
-Tim Keller, Vocation: Discerning Your Calling
Tom Nelson
“For way too long, I did not see work as an essential component of a broader, robust theology of calling. I failed to grasp that a primary stewardship of my pastoral work was to assist and equip others to better connect the professions of their Sunday faith with the practices of their Monday work.”
-Tom Nelson, Work Matters
Gabe Lyons
“The next Christians don’t work at jobs; they serve in vocations. They see their occupational placement as part of God’s greater mission. They’ve grown tired of being regarded as second-class Christians and want to be empowered on mission right where they are. They see the need all around them for Christians to show up and restore in their neighborhoods and workplaces.”
-Gabe Lyons, The Next Christians

*these quotes should not be construed as endorsements for Reintegrate.


We’ve heard this term used a lot these days. It is the desire of a pastor’s heart to see the local church become more missional.

But what does that mean?

And how do we do it?

To be “missional” means to be sent. A “missional” church is a training outpost for incarnational ministry, equipping believers to infiltrate all of society with the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

A missional church is just as concerned about what happens Monday through Saturday as it is about Sunday – because a missional church knows that that is when the church is out there in the world, witnessing to the goodness of God’s kingdom and of the salvation found in Jesus Christ.

This is what it means to be missional.


The Problem.

How exactly does a church become more missional?

We know that “missional” is not just admonishing our congregation to bring more people to church. We know it is not just starting a new evangelistic program, an add-on to what we’ve always done.

We know that God is calling our people to ministry. Each and every one of them are meant to be ministers / priests / missionaries.

A missional church is concerned primarily in equipping its members to participate in the larger story that is going on around us: the full story of God’s mission to restore his world. Christ redeems us so that we can become reintegrated humans, and then God equips us to participate in His purpose of reconciling everything in his creation back to himself (Colossians 1:20).

Nearly 50% of a person’s waking hours are spent in the workplace (see pie chart to the right). Our people need to realize that their vocation is indeed their calling. That they serve Christ right there in the workplace, not just when they serve on a church board or teach a Sunday School class.

So how can a church equip its people to fully live out their callings?

The Solution.

(re)integrate for churches.

Reintegrate offers churches four services.

Your church can choose which service is best for your congregation, or you can mix and match some or all of the services.

Bible Studies

Reintegrate offers in-depth Bible studies for small groups and Adult Sunday Schools.


Pastors, elders, and church leaders can retain Bob Robinson to help prayerfully strategize congregrational missional direction.


Teaching seminars for leaders on developing a faith and work ministry.

Pastor’s Toolbox

Get the essentials for understanding and implementing a plan for your church.

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