what (re)integrate can do for you

Reintegrate offers several services for various constituencies and needs.

We help churches create missionally-oriented disciples who have reintegrated the Christian faith with all of life and vocations
We help institutions (corporations, small businesses, school administrations, and other societal organizations) that are interested in being transformed into that which shines God’s blessing to the world.
We work with individual professionals and small groups so that they can understand what it means to be a Christian in their various vocations.
We minister daily to college students so that they can find God’s purpose for their studies and future careers.

Here at the website, there are resources that are created to help you reintegrate the Christian faith into all of your life and work.

You will find articles, podcasts, and videos tailored to your interests on the Vocational Channels page.
You will find helpful posts on the blog.
resources to help you
You will find six great Bible studies and resources on our resources page.

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