What Does it Mean to “Make Disciples?”

William Carey, in the 19th century, defined Christian mission by interpreting the “Great Commission” (“go and make disciples”)[1] as primarily the geographic expansion of Christianity by means of making converts through evangelism. This paradigm influenced generations of evangelicals throughout the 20th Century. “Protestants who used the Great Commission as their foundation for mission assumed the …

Restoring Homes to Restore a Community

Vocation and the High Calling of Construction. In this high-quality, five-minute video, Kimberly Renner explains how her vocation as the leader of a design-intensive construction company fulfills God’s calling on her life. When other companies might be inclined to tear down an old house, the Renner Project chooses to restore it. A special thanks to …

The Christian Call for Women to Work

Over at Scot McKnight’s blog, Jesus Creed, Scot has published an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Katelyn Beaty, managing editor of Christianity Today and editorial director of This Is Our City. Her book, Co.Creators: The Christian Call for Women to Work is scheduled to be published by Howard/Simon&Schuster next summer (2016).  Here is an excerpt …

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